Flight Paramedic - Part Time

Job summary
Provides high quality critical care including assessment, triage, and
treatment utilizing standards and guidelines established by LifeTeam; assesses the nature and extent of illness or injury to establish and prioritize the care needed for safe transport of the critical patient to the appropriate facility; is qualified to provide care for patients across the life span in his/her assigned clinical area; responsible for carrying out the mission and goals of LifeTeam assuring that safety remains the highest priority throughout the transport continuum.
Summary of Essential Job Functions

Provides critical care from the initial contact until patient care is relinquished to the accepting medical facility; maintains thorough patient care documentation.
Practices Paramedic level care within his/her scope of practice as defined by the states regulating each base and LifeTeam.
Maintains competency in knowledge and psychomotor skills by participating in ongoing laboratory and clinical experiences. Communicates educational needs to the Medical Base Manager and Medical Education Coordinator.
Maintains documentation of required licensure, certifications, continuing education, aviation and safety training, OSHA and HIPAA training, clinical rotations, and advanced procedures.
Attends continuing education programs pertinent to his/her area of practice
Knowledgeable in use and routine maintenance of all equipment and supplies used by LifeTeam. Responsible for reporting medical equipment failures and taking initial steps to insure repair of equipment as directed. Maintains adequate supplies onboard aircraft to deliver patient care. Keeps aircraft clean and orderly to insure rapid response to all transport requests.
Maintains positive interpersonal relationships with colleagues, EMS representatives, hospitals and the public.
Participates in patient and referring institution follow-up.
Participates in planned outreach marketing and education activities.
Functions as a medical flight member.
Attends pre-mission briefings and mission debriefings and completes necessary documentation.
Assists in pre-mission liftoff checklist and assists pilot as requested, i.e., radio, navigational, and visual observation activities. Complies with safety standards to assure safety of self, medical personnel, patient, and equipment.
Serves as a flight resource to medical personnel when transporting specialty patients.
Performs advanced skills and procedures as approved by LifeTeam Medical Director(s).
Serves as a role model, educator and clinical resource.
Acts as a preceptor and/or participates in orientation of new employees and students as assigned.
Acts as a liaison and communicates program goals and objectives.
Participates in continuing and outreach education programs.
Conducts aircraft safety briefings as needed.
Maintains awareness of current issues related to pre-hospital care through participation in professional activities, i.e., national, state legislative-elected or appointed.
Participates regularly in LifeTeam activities, projects and committees.
Attends and participates in meetings according to established departmental guidelines.
Develops standards and guidelines related to the flight program as assigned.
Participates in departmental quality improvement activities and PEER evaluation as assigned.
Undertakes and maintains projects as assigned (to include research and publishing opportunities).
Cleans and maintains living quarters.
Other duties as assigned.

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